BURNABY (NEWS1130) – Five abandoned dogs in Burnaby are on the mend but the SPCA needs your help to pay for the pooches’ treatment.

They are River, Rosie, Tinker-Bella, Dorito, and Burrito; they were found near Marine and Boundary in South Burnaby almost three weeks ago, all in bad shape with tooth problems and skin conditions that need to be fixed.

They range from Chihuahuas and poodle-crosses to a Shar-pei and a pitbull terrier. No one claimed them within a few days.

Burnaby SPCA branch manager Ryan Voutilainen says treating each dog has cost them up to $500, stretching their yearly medical budget. “Especially with the smaller dogs; a lot of people don’t realize that quite often with smaller dogs, they have lots of dental issues that go on.”

“And people back, even just ten years ago, didn’t realize how many issues that people’s pets have with their teeth,” he adds.

The branch is now asking the public for donations and thankfully, an anonymous donor has come forward to pitch in.

“She’s graciously said that she’s willing to match up to $20,000 worth of donations that come in for the care of these animals or animals like them that we do receive,” says Voutilainen. “Over the course of a year, we spend approximately $45,000 on medical care for the animals that come through our Burnaby branch here.”

“Frequently, we get animals coming in with medical issues that we will treat when they come in. But of course, being a non-profit organization, all this is done through caring individuals such as our anonymous donor and other donors like her that donate to the SPCA on a routine basis,” he notes.

Voutilainen says they’re wondering if someone was breeding the animals and let them loose or simply abandoned them in the area.

If you would like to donate for the dogs, call the Burnaby SPCA branch office at 604-291-7201 or 604-830-7179.