VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Protestors dressed as animals had a large water fight at English Bay to draw attention to the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

Sophie Harrison is part of Kids For Climate Action and says about 40 teens came out.

“We had half the people dressed up as oil and half the people dressed up as animals,” she exclaims. “It shows how damaging an oil spill could be on BC’s coast.”

 Harrison says the point is to show the province young people don’t want their environmental legacy to be tainted by oil.

She says the pipeline should not be about money.

“As young people, that’s not the future we want for our province,” she explains. “We don’t want a province that’s building an economy and is more relying on fossil fuels, that’s not the morally right thing to do. We need to be getting off fossil fuels towards a more sustainable future

 Hearings have wrapped up in Prince Rupert for people to give their opinion on the pipeline. The formal hearings are still to come.