VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – An independent investigation has found no evidence to corroborate anonymous allegations of sexual harassment by staff at the Robert Pickton inquiry.

Commissioner Wally Oppal appointed an independent lawyer, Delayne Sartison, to investigate allegations published in the National Post. The newspaper published a story in which anonymous sources claimed they were sexually harassed by senior staff members at the inquiry.

The article prompted the commission’s executive director, John Boddie, to take a paid leave of absence to ensure the investigation was independent.

Sartison has delivered a report to the commission in which she says interviews with commission staff uncovered no evidence of sexual harassment, discrimination or intimidation. Now that Sartison’s investigation is complete, Boddie has returned to his role as executive director.

This will not have any impact on the inquiry, which has now wrapped up. Commissioner Wally Oppal’s report is due October 31st.