VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You may soon lose even more control over what is posted about you with facial recognition technology being aggressively pursued.

You could soon be automatically tagged in a photo.

Facebook bought for $60 million,  which will mean photo uploads will equal instant ID’s of friends.

SFU Communications Professor Peter Chow White says it can be a little concerning.

“When it is automating the tagging of ourselves…that is part of the control that we need in order to manage our own privacy online. It is important to know [whether] Facebook would notify people if they’ve been tagged automatically.”

He says it is a little scary to think that just a few years ago this technology was only used by government and law enforcement.

“Of course this raises issues of privacy and also control over your own content and your identity on social media. Once again in order to maintain your sense of self online you have to be very active about it.”

Camera makers are also adding this technology to their digital devices.