VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A 55-year-old Winnipeg grandfather plans to smash a cross-country cycling record he himself set only a year ago.

Arvid Loewen will be hitting the road in Vancouver on Tuesday with the kids who have inspired him.

For Loewen, getting to Halifax in less than 13 days and 6 hours is only part of the goal.

“Last year I broke the record by two hours and 15, which brought it down to 13 days, six hours and 13 minutes,” he recalls. “You got to remember, last year I was also doing that on a severe case of arthritis in my left hip.”

The other goal is to raise money for a charity he is passionate about: a centre for abandoned kids in Kenya.

Some of those kids will be with Loewen

“Young adults who are very, very talented, they will be singing and performing African dances and they will be doing acrobatics across the country in a vehicle that is part of my entourage,” he says.

Since 2005, Loewen has raised $2-million.