VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Is it really that hard to meet new people in Vancouver? A local man sure thinks so; he’s organizing social events to help locals make new friends.

More hellos and handshakes… how about more hugs? The Vancouver Sun says a man named Jorge Amigo is trying to get people to come out of their shells and be more social.

Hitting the streets of Vancouver, Mike opened the door for our reporter at a coffee shop this morning; he doesn’t need a lesson in friendliness, but thinks others do. “They’re too few and far between. There are a lot of nice people but I don’t think they show it all the time.”

We spoke with Barb, who believes the city needs more social and friendly people.

“I think in Vancouver, people have a hard time reaching out to one another. It’s not like when you go to a small time to visit and you say hello to everybody that you walk down the street by. It would be nice if people reached out more,” she tells us.

But Barb admits she’s part of the problem; she’s often too busy and focused on getting to work on time that she misses the chance to meet anyone new.