VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Canadians feel patriotic and sentimental about homegrown brands, but when it comes to reputation, the brands may not be as trusted compared to some global companies.

So, what’s in a name, and why we are drawn to certain brands more than others?

It’s about accountability – Tim Hortons and WestJet seem to do that for us at home.

Branch out from Canadian brands, though, and our top choices include Sony and Disney.

Some people love logos so much Stephanie Babiarz with Raincity Tattoos says they make their preferences known permanently.

“I’ve done Nike symbols and a few Louis Vuitton symbols,” she explains. “I guess if it is something that really affects your life, like when it comes to something like the Apple logo, we are such consumers of Apple products.”

Those brands didn’t make the Canadian Business Magazine list of most trusted brands, says Managing Editor Graham F. Scott.

“The results are a little bit more discouraging when you look at how Canadian brands stack up to global ones,” he says. “The most popular two Canadian brands were Jean Coutu and Tim Hortons of course, but they only came in at 29 and 30 respectively on the global stage.”