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Cancer society wants BC-wide smoking ban at parks, on patios

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Canadian Cancer Society says with this being National Non-Smoking Week, it’s the perfect time to ban people from lighting up in places like parks and patios.

Several municipalities in BC already have bans in place, but Kathryn Seely with the CCS wants to see a law that will cover the whole province.

“[It would make] smoking less normal for children so that they’re less likely to take it up. We’d like to see smoking eliminated in parks and playgrounds and on beaches,” she tells us.

“Restrictions on smoking in outdoor public places not only help de-normalize smoking for children; it’s also been shown that it helps people to quit or to cut back.”

Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Alberta and the Yukon already have bans in place.

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Banning smoking in parks, and in outdoor areas is the same thing as banning and segregating undesirable people based on the colour of their skin, or social status. We’ve been there before… The risk to your health by encountering the odd smoker in a park is NEGLIGIBLE. All you are really doing is showing your hatred, disdain, and intolerance of persons you look down on.

May 30, 2013 at 1:45 pm