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Baby boy okay after SUV rolls across two lanes of traffic

ABBOTSFORD (NEWS1130) – Here’s a story that will have parents checking twice the next time they buckle their little ones in.  An SUV in Abbotsford rolled across two lanes of a traffic with a baby inside.

The boy is fine, but Constable Ian MacDonald says the dad is pretty shaken up.

“He runs in quickly to get his sunglasses and when he comes out he’s noticed that the vehicle has rolled down the driveway and has crossed two lanes of traffic and now has become part of an Toyota SUV that was parked roadside. Certainly a lesson hopefully learned here.”

He says parents can’t leave their kids alone in a car for even a second. “Probably not the greatest decision from a parenting choice standpoint, but certainly leaving your ten month old in a vehicle that’s running…even if a bad guy comes along and is looking to steal your ride, now he’s got your kid too.”

The dad forgot to engage the e-brake.

“Based on the incline on the driveway, it got up to speed and there was significant damage.” says MacDonald.

Fortunately the child was strapped in to a car seat.

MacDonald says an issued ticket pales in comparison to the memory. “He was issued a violation ticket for leaving his vehicle operating and insecure, but I would think that he is probably punishing himself.”