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Argument over Freedom of Information requests in legislature

VICTORIA (NEWS1130) – Heated words in the legislature over a move by PavCo, which runs BC Place, to ignore Freedom of Information requests from the media.

PavCo has sent a request to BC’s Privacy Commissioner asking for permission to choose whether it responds to request from a Vancouver investigative reporter, saying the journalist accounts for 89 per cent of the FOI requests it receives.

Energy Mines Minister Rich Coleman stood up in the legislature and told MLAs that some of the requests being made are “ridiculously frivolous.”

NDP MLA Spencer Chandra-Herbert has questioned the government’s commitment to being ‘open and transparent.’

“Mr. Speaker, the premier claims that open government was one of her top priorities. Will she stand today and demonstrate that she actually puts actions behind her words,” he asked.

PavCo Chair Peter Fassbender, who is running as a Liberal in the election coming up in May, made the request to the privacy commissioner, and is awaiting a ruling on the matter.

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How does Rich Coleman know there are “ridiculously frivolous” FOI requests? The Office of Information & Privacy Commissioner has nothing on their website about this. Maybe frivolous that embarrasses his government is also annoying and inconvenient. Desperation in power corrupts desperately.

February 20, 2013 at 9:28 am

While were at it why don’t we get a 3rd party audit of BC Hydro spending $1 billion on smart meters that have internal electronics with MTBF of 100,000hrs (11yrs) so guess what… $500 per household for replacement meters in 10+yrs. This makes fast ferries look like peanuts. Thank you Christie Clark for NEVER even sending a “we received your correspondence” to everything I sent you. A gov’t with zero responsibilities to it’s voters. Where’s the BC Utilities Commission??

February 20, 2013 at 9:07 am