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Confirmed: Elisa Lam's body found in LA

LOS ANGELES (NEWS1130) – Relatives of a missing Vancouver woman have been notified about the body found on the roof of a Los Angeles hotel.

The Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed the body found in a water tank is that of Elisa Lam from Vancouver.

Earlier today aerial shots from LA newscasts showed firefighters on top one of the tanks.

Elisa Lam, 21, went missing at the end of January. Just last week, a video turned up showing her acting strangely in an elevator at the Cecil Hotel.

Bernard Diaz lives in the hotel. He told KTLA that he heard a disturbing sound around the time the UBC student went missing. “It was so strong, I fell out of bed. Then the following day the water system was all plugged up.”

The taps at the hotel have been shut off. Those living there are being offered bottled water.

Lam was last seen near the hotel which many people say is in a shady area of the city.




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The following clues could lead that this was done or assisted by an inside employee(s).
Consider the following questions:

1) Elevator:
Why didn’t the elevator close when she pressed all the buttons?
A normal elevator would have it’s doors closed. Was it purposely controlled by the person at front desk? Who was on shift at that given time? Do the elevators stop working after hours? It is clear that she was trying to escape from someone as she looked distressed the second time she entered the elevator. Many speculate she is acting odd or abnormal. This is so since we have no audio in the video to fill in the gaps. (Trying watching TV with the mute button on as this will give you the same effect.) Mind you she has no history of mental illness.

2) Cameras:
Why was there only footage from elevator camera? What happen to the front desk video recordings? Have they been all erased? Was this a careless mistake by the hotel employee not remembering there was the elevator camera? It does not make any sense why no footage was capture at front desk. (Assuming there aren’t any as the police did not release nor spoke of any.)

3) Water Tank & Roof Access:
The biggest clue everyone is questioning about. How does a guest gain access to the roof without having to bypass locked doors and a locked water tank? Authorities of the hotel will only have such access.

Hopefully officials could find new leads by looking at her home computer, emails, cell phone history. My condolences to her family and friends.

February 20, 2013 at 8:16 pm
John L

My thoughts and condolences for her family. What a tragic end to a beautiful, young lady full of aspirations and dreams.

February 20, 2013 at 8:52 am