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Oregon showing interest in BC's carbon tax

OREGON (NEWS1130) – BC’s environment minister is going to Oregon to discuss the province’s carbon tax.

Terry Lake has been invited to speak with business and policy leaders as the state shows interest in possibly implementing the tax as a source of revenue.

“Oregon has shown a lot of interest in revenue-neutral style of carbon tax, as has Washington State for that matter. This is an opportunity to go and meet with business leaders in Portland and then in Salem, Oregon,” he says.

Lake says legislators in Oregon need to go into this with their eyes wide open.

“Even though 65-70 per cent of British Columbians, in poll after poll, indicate support for the carbon tax, there’s still some resistance,” Lake says.

“When it comes to the individual having to pay it, that resistance is always going to be there,” he adds.

On March 19, Lake will speak at the Portland State University. The next day, Lake will testify before a joint hearing of the Senate Finance and Revenue Committee and House Revenue Committee in Salem.