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Lights will go out at another movie theatre in Vancouver

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It appears the curtain is falling on another single screen movie theatre in Vancouver.

There’s word the managers of the “Collingwood” Cinema are shutting down next week after a dispute with their landlord.

David Bremner with the “DOXA Documentary Film Festival” says the news hit him out of the blue.

“We had no idea that this kind of news was coming. Most of the screens that we had booked at the Collingwood were matinee weekends, but it is a shame that we have now less capacity, about 400 fewer seats,” he says.

“The people who manage it, the former managers of the Denman Cinema downtown, let us know that because of a dispute with their landlord, they’re basically out of a venue as of April 29th,” Bremner explains.

Earlier this year, moviegoers said goodbye to the “Ridge” Theatre and soon after the “Park” and “Fifth Avenue” Cinemas lost their independent status after being sold to Cineplex.