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Lower Fraser River not expected to flood

HOPE (NEWS1130) – Flood concerns on the Lower Fraser River have eased, despite a high-stream flow advisory in the Lower Mainland. The Fraser should peak at the gauges in Hope and Mission by tomorrow morning.

High river levels along the Upper Fraser have moved south but Dave Campbell with the River Forecast Centre says flooding is not expected, and the dyke systems should be able to handle the flow.

He says it’s a once in five years situation but Lower Fraser levels are still 20 per cent lower than this time last year.

“It’s not extreme, it’s not as high as we had last year but it’s on the higher end of things,” Campbell explains. “There’s no flood concerns at this point and it’s well contained within the dykes.”

Elsewhere, things are looking pretty good.

“At this point things have stabilized a fair bit thanks to cooler weather and it’s not raining too hard,” he says. “There is a weather system that’s starting to pop up into next week that we’re watching quite closely,” he adds.

Several watches and advisories around the province have been dropped.

Even with the reduced threat, the BC Coroners Service is warning about an increased danger near the waterways and is asking people to use extreme caution.