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Heritage Classic hockey game not selling well: broker

Vancouver (NEWS1130) – Pre-sale tickets for the Heritage Classic hockey game in Vancouver are not selling very well, according to one broker.

Kingsley Bailey with Vancouver Ticket doesn’t have hard numbers, but says there are a few reasons people aren’t snatching up the tickets. “It’s a one-off game but it’s buried with six Heritage Classic games this year. We don’t have the best Canadian team as our opposition and the prices are way too high.”

Bailey thinks you should wait to buy tickets because they are likely to drop in price.

“It’s happened in the past where they have decided to drop tickets, they did it for the playoffs last year, where they dropped them 21 per cent. If they did that for the playoffs last year, I don’t see it being a problem happening for the Heritage Classic,” he explains.

Prices for the open-air game start at $93.00 for the first row seats. Those seats are field-level, where you won’t be able to see much, with the rink at least 50 feet away.

The game is happening at BC Place on Sunday, March 2nd against the Ottawa Senators.


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rip off

how can they justify selling tickets at those prices? the games are already too expensive as is…. especially after a lock out season? i for one was super excited about going to this game …. but not at over $100 after ticket scamster takes their fees.

And I’m sorry, lowering your ticket price later on? How would you feel if you already paid full price for this game and everyone around paid way less?

August 22, 2013 at 8:05 am

Really the Senators.

August 22, 2013 at 5:57 am