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PNE attractions named as heritage sites

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Some enjoy the climb up, for others it makes them want to throw up!

This morning, the City of Vancouver announced a couple of new heritage sites and they’re both on PNE grounds.

Many of the fans in the always long line-up for the rickety old wooden roller coaster say it’s an annual summer and family tradition, and they were happy to hear of the designation.

The ride is the only one of its kind left in the country.

The Pacific Coliseum was also named a heritage site. It was built in 1968 and housed the Vancouver Canucks from 1970-1995.


Don’t forget to try the food at the Fair at the PNE, and you can even get a fully balanced meal! Nevermind that it’s deep fried.

This morning the media were guided around the grounds for a food tour. On the menu was pretty much deep fried everything; deep fried green beans, pickles, steak.

“That, we are hoping it will take off like the mini-doughnuts did, but the mini-doughnuts took a couple of decades to get where they are. So, we will hold on and keep selling our deep fried caramel apple pies and soon it will be a staple of the fair.” makes deep fried pies and he is hoping they are the next mini-doughnuts.

There is also, for the first time at the fair, some gourmet burgers made up of kangaroo, camel, wild board and alligator.