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Canadians admit to flossing teeth, 'getting romantic' behind the wheel

Last Updated Aug 20, 2017 at 8:40 am PDT

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A survey of 1,500 people by Leger Research found 93 per cent of respondents had engaged in risky behaviour

Up to 14 per cent of survey participants say their risky behaviour includes getting romantic behind the wheel

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As BC’s new Attorney General considers changes aimed at cutting insurance costs, a study shows nine out of ten drivers across Canada have admitted to breaking the rules.

Many have even confessed to having sex behind the wheel.

A survey of 1,500 people by Leger Research found 93 per cent had engaged in risky behaviour, including using a hand-held device, running a red light or applying make-up.

Jason Patuano with belairdirect insurance says three per cent of respondents admitted to flossing their teeth while driving.

“We know that Canadians have healthy gums, so that’s good news.”

Up to 14 per cent of survey participants said their risky behaviour included getting romantic behind the wheel.

“It could be perceived as a fun fact, but this is some pretty risky behaviour obviously,” Patuano says.

“We didn’t go into details in terms of the gravity of the intimate relationship, but you know, this tells me that people can be pretty much distracted behind the wheel.”

Patuano says 80 per cent of those surveyed said they’d be willing to limit the use of their mobile phones if they were offered breaks on their insurance.

“They’re the most willing to change in Canada, so British Columbians are more open to change than any other places in Canada.”

As for drivers having sex behind the wheel, he says that is not insurable.