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NEWS 1130 Weather Guarantee

Every day, Russ Lacate forecasts a high temperature. At 7:11 a.m. the next day, we revisit the previous day’s high temp. If Russ is within 2 degrees of the guarantee, we add $100 to the jackpot, so it becomes $1,100, then $1,200, and so on…

Weather Guarantee FAQ

All your questions about the Weather Guarantee – answered in one convenient place!

Trade your points for a chance to win a Gift Certificate valued at $1500 from Global Carpets and Hardwood.

Need a little incentive to start that project that has been on hold just in time before the Christmas Season? This $1500 GC can be used to purchase any product Global Carpets offers from their 24,000 square foot location on Marine Drive and Heather, Vancouver. Look for the Globe.

Win a pair of tickets to see Mythbusters Jamie & Adam Unleashed!

MythBusters Jamie & Adam are coming to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on December 15th and you can win your way in by trading your points in the Insider Club!

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